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We are able to provide optimized solutions for all applications.

Our products are scalable depending on customer requirements.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

WebGovernor is an innovative IT Consulting company headquartered in Germany. For over twenty years we have cooperated with renowned telecommunication-, logistic-, finance and IT companies in multiple national and international assignments.


The key to growth and success is the satisfaction of customers. Easiness is our business. This is why our services are focused on individual needs with specific solutions for every client.


In today’s digital era technology plays a major role and it has brought a new meaning to daily life of mankind. Unfortunately realms are not very explicit in cyber world. Obtaining a dominancy on the cyber-side of life is critical. Our mission is to bring back the sort of authority you have in real life to your cyber life.

Our Approaches:

  • IP Blocking
  • DNS Filtering and Redirection
  • URL Filtering
  • Packet Filtering